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20th Anniversary Reflection: Partnership with the Fund for Our Economic Future

Posted October 25, 2017 in News Items

In 2004, Saint Luke’s Foundation joined over 40 grantmaking colleagues to form the Fund for Our Economic Future, an alliance of funders that include foundations, corporations, educational institutions, health care systems, business and civic organizations, and government entities from across Northeast Ohio. Since its establishment, this alliance has pooled its collective resources and know-how in an effort to strengthen and sustain the regional economy in ways that also increase access to opportunity for all people. Today, the Fund works to build equitable access to opportunity by promoting the development of shared goals and partnering with others from across the public, private... read more

Second Round of Grants for 2017

Posted October 24, 2017 in News Items

Last week, the board of trustees of Saint Luke’s Foundation has approved grants to seven organizations totaling $770,000. These investments advance the Foundation’s strategic priorities in the areas of Healthy People, A Strong Neighborhood and... read more

2016 Annual Report

Posted October 23, 2017 in News Items

We are pleased to share our 2016 annual report! It outlines the grants we made and our financial position, but it also provides some reflections and learnings from each of our staff on a myriad... read more

20th Anniversary Reflection: Commitment to Evaluation & Learning

Posted October 12, 2017 in News Items

Saint Luke’s Foundation has an historic commitment to evaluation and learning. In 2002, a Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Committee of the board was established, and Leah Gary became Vice President for Programs and Evaluation. In... read more

20th Anniversary Reflection: Vision of Opportunity Award

Posted October 03, 2017 in News Items

In 2001, the founding Board of Saint Luke’s Foundation was presented with the Visions of Opportunity award for its “vision of preserving the charitable assets of the Saint Luke’s Medical Center so that its historical... read more