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Dedicated to health equity for all

At Saint Luke's Foundation, our mission is to achieve health equity by addressing social determinants of health for people in neighborhoods surrounding Saint Luke's and throughout Cuyahoga County.

Mission & Vision

More Educated People Live Longer

Among the factors that contribute to health inequity is the quality and duration of education - from early childhood through post-secondary education and/or job training.

Educational Attainment

Financially Stable People Live Longer

Financial stability provided by employment and/or use of available government benefits such as SNAP and Medicaid, allows people to access health insurance, healthy food and safe & affordable housing.

Financial Stability

Everyone Needs a Safe & Affordable Home

Stable housing is a social determinant of health in three primary ways: adequate housing conditions, affordability of housing, and residential stability.

Housing Stability

Social Connections for Purpose & Meaning

When we have family, friends and coworkers to laugh and cry with and feel part of a community we live longer, healthier lives. Social support and positive relationships are key determinants of health.

Social Connections

Be Active and Eat Healthy!

All communities need access to healthy foods and safe places to be active. Low-income communities, particularly communities of color, are more likely to lack that access.

Healthy Eating & Active Living

Place Matters

Zip codes have more impact on health than genes. Healthy environments include safe, well-maintained housing and neighborhoods with sidewalks, playgrounds, parks, trees & full-service supermarkets.

Saint Luke's Neighborhood

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Our Impact

1,797 grants and gifts to 439 different organizations since our inception in 1997

$145M+ into making our community stronger since our inception in 1997.

$6,738,209 invested in our neighborhood since 2009.

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