I am having trouble logging in and submitting the application

Please contact the Grants Manager at or 216-431-8010 for assistance.

I am not understanding some of the questions you are asking in the application. Who can assist me?

There is no harm in asking for clarification while you are working on the application. We encourage you to ask questions as needed so that we get the right information and your valuable time is not wasted writing something you are unsure about. The best person to ask is the program team member with whom you have been working closely.

What kind of budget information should we include in our proposal?

We ask that proposals requesting funds for projects, programs, capacity building, or capital expenses include detailed line items in the budget. Please include all expenses and be specific (e.g., instead of $75,000 for “planning,” please specify if this is a consultant or staff time). We ask that you also include a budget narrative explaining the line items and their costs if it is not specific in the overall budget. We also ask that you include information on the other funders of the project (including your own organization’s contributions). If you have further questions, please contact the program team member with whom you are working closely.

What else should or could be included in our proposal?

We have a question for optional documents to be uploaded as one file—this could include reports from prior years of the project, news articles, examples of assessments, or other things. As it says, it is completely optional, so please do not feel that you need to add things there. It is most important that we receive all pertinent information about the work in the proposal itself, including citing previous success with the project.

May we apply for multi-year funding?

During 2020 we will not be awarding multi-year grants. But, please reach out to the Foundation for a conversation regarding your work and potential intersection with our mission. We anticipate beginning to award multi-year grants again in 2021.

How often can we apply?

You may apply each cycle for a project that is not currently being funded by the Foundation. As always, we encourage you to discuss the proposals with the program team prior to submission.

We had an unexpected situation come up. May we have an extension on the deadline?

Extensions are discouraged, but we recognize that there are circumstances beyond our control sometimes. Please contact the program team member with whom you have been working and the Grants Manager at or 216-431-8010 to provide further information.

If we are declined funding, how soon can we submit another proposal?

You may apply as soon as the next cycle, however we ask that you work with the program team prior to re-submission. We want to ensure that your time and effort is used wisely with regard to the Saint Luke's Foundation.


How long will it take for the Foundation to review our proposal?/ When can we expect to hear a decision about our grant application?

For general discretionary grants ($15,000 or less), we review these on a rolling basis. You will typically receive a decision within four weeks. For community discretionary grants, please see our Resident Advancement Committee Page. For board grants (more than $15,000), you will receive a final decision after the board meeting following the cycle in which you applied. The process is explained on our Application Process page.

I was notified via email that we were awarded a grant and a grant agreement is available for us to sign. How do I find it?

You will login into the portal that you used to apply. A grant agreement will be assigned to you under that grant name. Click “Edit” to carefully read through it, accept the terms, electronically sign it and submit it. You may also print it for your records. You will not receive a check until the grant agreement is accepted, signed, and submitted through the system.

In our organization, grant awards must go through multiple levels of approvals, and it is difficult to do that with your electronic award agreement. Can we have a paper grant agreement mailed to us?

If you are having difficulty getting the agreement signed electronically, please contact the Grants Manager at or 216-431-8010 to let them know. They will work with you to find an alternate solution.

How soon will we receive our check?

Once you submit the grant agreement, the checks will go out via mail. Please allow for four weeks as we have to go through several internal controls to process checks.

Is the interim or final report the only way to update the program team on what is going on with my grant?

Your report is due as listed in your grantee portal. In the meantime, please stay in touch with us about what is happening with your efforts. We are eager to connect with you over the course of this grant—not just when the report is due. Our support is more of an investment than a gift; in that spirit, we want to know about your work, its successes, what we might be able to do to help and the challenges you may experience along the way. We would like to consider ourselves your partners.

Online System

The person who had the login for our organization is no longer employed here. How do I get a login to complete an application or report?

If you are not a new organization, please contact the Grants Manager at or 216-431-8010 with the following information: the name of the person who is no longer at the organization and the name and contact information (title, email, phone number, address) of the person who needs a login. You can add multiple people to login, but only one person can be assigned to complete grant reports.

I am having trouble logging in and submitting the application

Please contact the Grants Manager at or 216-431-8010 for assistance and have a clear description of the problem ready. A screenshot is also helpful if you are able to get one.

Who should I contact if my email or mailing address changes after I submit my online application?

You may able to change the organization’s mailing address yourself, but if you are having difficulty or if you need to make other edits, please contact the Grants Manager at or 216-431-8010 for assistance.


Is my organization a fit for your grantmaking strategies?

Please visit our Strategies web page for more information. If you are still unsure, please contact a member of our program team. If you want to know if we fund your type of organization, please visit our Application Process page.

How does my organization apply?

We have no formal pre-application process or required LOI. Please visit our Application Process page for detailed information on our process. The first step is to reach out to inquire about whether a 'get acquainted' meeting would be appropriate.

When are your application deadlines?

If you are requesting a general discretionary grant ($15,000 or less), there is no deadline—the staff reviews these on a rolling basis. For community discretionary and board grants (more than $15,000) we have specific deadlines —please refer to our Application Process page for the most up-to-date deadline information. In 2020 we will only be making grants to current grantees of TheSaint Luke's Foundation, as we work on creating defined visions and theories of change for each of our strategies.

Does the Foundation require a Letter of Inquiry/Intent (LOI)?

Not at this time. Instead, you are asked to set up a Get Acquainted meeting with one of our program staff. Please contact us at or 216-431-8010 to set up the meeting.

Can I submit a proposal without a Get Acquainted meeting?

It is highly discouraged, as we want to understand the context of your organization and the project well before reviewing anything in writing. Having a conversation with one of our staff will also help save time and create the best climate for success.

How much money should we ask for?

There is a wide range in the dollar amounts of grants awarded. Please discuss the amount you plan to request with your program officer before submitting an application. Decisions regarding amounts are based on project costs, budget size and our available funds. We want to be transparent prior to your submission of an application.

I am submitting an application for a renewal grant. What should I do differently?

Nothing at this time. Please complete the new application.

Site Visits

Is a site visit mandatory?

Site visits can be an important part of the grantmaking process, but it is not always necessary, so we will be in close contact with you on that. If held, you may elect to determine where such a visit would be most convenient for you.

When are site visits held?

Site visits are scheduled quarterly, shortly after each grant cycle deadline.

How long are site visit meetings?

Site visit meetings are between 1 to 1.5 hours. Following the visit, we would like to have the room where the site visit was conducted (approximately 15 minutes so that staff and board can debrief and discuss the site visit),

Who should be included in a site visit?

In some instances we will conduct a site visit to learn more about your work. We encourage you to invite no more than 4 staff/board and we request that the executive director/CEO be present if at all possible.

Where are site visits held?

Site visit meetings are held at the applicant organization’s site. However, we may schedule a learning visit to be held at Saint Luke's Foundation offices.

What should we expect in a site visit?

Site visit meetings are not required with all proposals. When a site visit is requested it is being conducted so that more people can get to know your work better. It is intended to be an open dialogue to learn more about you and facilitate an exchange of ideas.

Who should I contact about to schedule my site visit?

We will be in touch with you regarding scheduling, should a site visit be appropriate. If you have questions, please contact us at or at 216-431-8010.