Dear friends of Saint Luke's,

In 2018 we began implementing our new mission – to achieve health equity by addressing the social determinants of health in neighborhoods surrounding Saint Luke’s and throughout Cuyahoga County. And we grounded our work in an ambitious vision in which people thrive as a result of living free of racism and poverty and experiencing conditions that enable them to lead healthier lives. This began a new era for the Saint Luke’s Foundation. The goal is to remove our zip codes as the predictor of our health and longevity, and concurrently play some role in reducing the impact that race has on health outcomes.

Many of our partners had not seen their work through this framework, even though their work in strengthening social connections, education, housing, income equality, healthy eating and active living is precisely the kind of work that “achieves health equity by addressing the social determinants of health.” Equity is a core value of ours in addition to being the central part of our mission, and we aspire to impact efforts to address this issue. This year we created our own definition of what it means to us: Equity is achieved when race is not a predictor of individual, organizational or community success. We are reviewing the ways this principle plays in our operations from personnel policies to our learning agenda to the grant application form. We articulated our commitment to equity in the design of our guiding principles, values, mission and vision. What to do with that deeper appreciation is a challenging journey that I hope will never end.

Because of our roots in our community, we also confirmed our special commitment to strengthening outcomes in the zip codes surrounding the old Saint Luke’s hospital, leading to the decision to develop a staff role totally focused on community engagement. To be more effective partners in the Mt. Pleasant, Buckeye, Woodhill, Shaker Square and Larchmere neighborhoods, we want to be on the ground listening and being involved in efforts large and small – from pop-up programming to efforts to revitalize Shaker Square. Authentic community engagement helps us to do our work much better and make a difference well beyond dollars.

Even as we realize that this change in our strategy represents the most impactful use of our energy and limited dollars, we also recognize the challenges and consequences of our change. As we have shared with many of you, this strategy implementation takes place in the context of a difficult reduction in the dollars we have to grant. We are living with the financial discipline that has temporarily reduced our funds to ensure that we are here in perpetuity to address vital community needs. Our commitment to our mission, and our partners, is stronger than ever.

We are honored to participate with you and pleased to be invited to sit at the many tables we do. It is truly an honor to be able to support grantees and engage meaningfully with our community.


2018 Staff + Board

The staff at the Saint Luke’s Foundation values our partnerships in the community, our philanthropic partners and with our grantees. We are available to connect, partner, offer help or participate as needed. Below is a snapshot of our responsibilities, helping you to know whom to reach out to on what aspects of our work. Full bios of our staff can be found on our web page. We welcome your calls and emails, so don’t hesitate to reach out!


Anne Goodman

President and CEO

Anne leads the Foundation in developing and implementing strategies, policies, procedures and practices that further the Foundation's vision around Health Equity. Anne works with the board, staff, grantees and partners to maximize the impact of the financial and human resources the Foundation has to offer.


Heather Torok

Vice President for Programs and Services

Heather is the Vice President for Programs and Strategy. In this role she provides leadership and oversight for all aspects of the of the Foundation’s grant making work. She leads the team in igniting the implementation of our strategy design and holding us accountable for our plans.


Kathleen Lis Dean

Senior Director of Outcomes, Evaluation and Learning

Kathleen is Senior Director for Evaluation, Outcomes and Learning. In this role, she uses her experience in connecting the art and the science of learning organizations to foster evaluation, reflection, and continuous improvement in order to advance our mission of achieving health equity. She leads staff efforts to develop our ability to learn from outcomes and supports grantees to build evaluation and learning capacity.


Elizabeth Honold

Finance Director

Elizabeth is responsible for developing and implementing financial accounting and investment procedures to achieve the Foundation’s mission and vision. She oversees spending and ensures good stewardship of the Foundation’s investments.


Leah Hudnall

Program Officer

In her role as Program Officer at the Foundation Leah supports implementation of our strategy by working with grantees to develop the most effective ways of partnering to support their vital missions. Her work includes research, relationship development and applicant support. She participates actively in community efforts and in partnership with philanthropic partners.


Angel Johnson

Program Assistant

Angel is the Foundation’s longest tenured employee, with 11 years of service. She provides administrative and logistical support to the Foundation’s program team and assists with the Foundation’s grantmaking process.


Monique Williams Kelly

Senior Director of Community Engagement

Monique is the Senior Director of Community Engagement and develops and strengthens relationships with stakeholders in the Larchmere, Woodhill, Buckeye, Mt. Pleasant and Shaker Square neighborhoods. She uses her knowledge and expertise in the area of community engagement to strengthen our ability to impact and participate in neighborhood revitalization and lift up the voice of neighborhood stakeholders in planning and executing.


Christie Manning

Senior Program Officer

Christie supports implementation of the Foundation’s strategy of achieving health equity through her work in grantmaking, grantee support, outreach and relationship building. She develops and maintains strategic relationships that promote collective impact and freely offers her considerable expertise.


Ena McDowell

Office Manager

Ena wears many hats, providing comprehensive administrative support to Anne and ensuring efficient management of day to day office operations of the Foundation. She also serves as the assistant secretary to the Board of Directors.


Kristen Summers

Grants Manager

Kristen manages the grant database, online applications and grantee reporting process. She evaluates requests at all stages of the process and provides assistance to grant seekers and grantees, from initial contact through the life of the grant. Kristen directs all technical components of grants management and directs the Foundation's commitment to knowledge management and sharing.

Saint Luke's Foundation
2018 Board of Directors

Belva Denmark Tibbs Board Chair, Community Volunteer

Colleen Cotter Vice Chair, The Legal Aid Society

Tania Menesse Secretary, City of Cleveland Department of Community Development

Ann O'Brien Treasurer, Community Volunteer

Terry Allan Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Luis Cartagena Cartagena CPA and Consultants

Diana Centeno-Gomez NASA

Rev. Jawanza Colvin Olivet Institutional Baptist Church

John Corlett Center for Community Solutions

Claudia Coulton Case Western Reserve University Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development

Emily Drake Fairport Asset Management

Ann Farrall Northern Trust

Edgar Jackson M.D.

Patrick Kanary Social Services Consultant

Arthur Lavin M.D.

George Mateyo Key Bank

Tim Milanich Case Western Reserve University

Lori McClung Advocacy and Communications Solutions

Ashley Basile Oeken Engage Cleveland!

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