With Space Comes Place: Understanding the Extraordinary Value of Common Spaces In Our Communities

Posted on 11/19/14 in SC Perspectives

[image:3] (11.20.14) Plazas, piazzas, town squares, campfires, parks, and other common spaces build community, period. These public commons allow us to share time and space with strangers. This encourages social connections and in doing so, builds... read more

What makes a space a place?

Posted on 07/23/14 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] (7.24.14) A space becomes a place… When it is activated(or as we call it in philanthropy, programmed) When it has meaning or significance When it is relevant to the daily life of community members. Case in point: Adjacent to... read more

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Posted on 05/28/14 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] (5.28.14) It takes a village to raise a child. As I type those eight words, I realize how nonspecific this oft-used African proverb actually sounds. While we all know that this proverb implies that individuals... read more

A Resilient Families Blog: Families Are Messy

Posted on 05/19/14 by Christie in RF Perspectives

July 2013by Christie Manning– [image:1] This is something I find myself saying with some regularity…to signify the affection I have for the unique imperfections in this area of human relationships…to sum up a truism that is ever-present... read more

A Healthy People Blog: Trust

Posted on 05/19/14 by Heather in HP Perspectives

[image:1] July 2013 by Heather Torok– So much depends on trust. I was reminded of that again last month when I had the pleasure of meeting with three small neighborhood-based outreach organizations on three separate occasions. Interested in... read more