Strong Communities grantee transforms vacant land

Posted May 06, 2014 in News Items

(5.6.14) Strong Communities grantee Thriving Communities Institute is lending a hand to transform vacant and unproductive properties into green space for the residents of Buckeye, Mount Pleasant and Woodland Hills to enjoy. Click here to heck out their short new video that highlights their urban revitalization work. read more

Healthy People grantee MHAC shares video as part of HO2 series

Posted May 02, 2014 in News Items

[image:1] (5.2.14) Healthy People grantee in the news: Joan Englund, executive director, Mental Health and Addiction Advocacy Coalition (a grantee organization) chats about misconceptions and concerns regarding mental health as part of the High on Ohio... read more

Strong Communities Grantee EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute profiled in the news

Posted April 16, 2014 in News Items

(4.16.14) EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute, a Saint Luke’s Foundation Strong Communities Grantee, recently graduated its first class of 29 graduates. These students, who attended EDWINS’ six-month classroom and training program, are moving on to... read more

Fueling the drive to create healthy schools

Posted April 14, 2014 in News Items

(4.14.14) Every day, 53 million people go to school to work or learn. Within school environments, these people – children and adults alike – consume about half of their daily food and beverage intake. It... read more

Board member presenting with PRCHN

Posted April 03, 2014 in News Items

Claudia Coulton, a Saint Luke’s Foundation board member, is presenting on behalf of Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods (PRCHN) on Wednesday, April 9th. The event is open to the public (See flyer for details). To... read more