Strategic Planning Update from the CEO

Posted March 19, 2018 in News Items

[image:1] Dear Stakeholders, As I have held one-on-one meetings with many of you this winter and shared our new vision and mission, I have found that many know the term ‘social determinants of health’, but a deeper understanding of what this means needs to be cultivated in order to understand our new mission and vision. In this context ‘health’ is much more than the absence of disease and starts long before illness, in our homes, schools and jobs. I have borrowed some language from The World Health Organization (WHO) which defines the social determinants of health as being the conditions in which... read more

A letter from our President and CEO, Anne Goodman

Posted January 08, 2018 in News Items

I had planned on writing a letter with reflections and highlights from 2017 as soon as I came back to the office after the New Year, yet I found my mind continually drifting to 2018... read more

Third Round of Grants for 2017

Posted December 19, 2017 in News Items

The board of trustees of Saint Luke’s Foundation has approved grants to 17 organizations totaling $2,603,486.00. These investments advance the Foundation’s strategic priorities in the areas of Healthy People, A Strong Neighborhood and Resilient Families. “The... read more

Celebrating Twenty Years

Posted December 18, 2017 in News Items

Saint Luke’s Foundation was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate its twenty year anniversary with a warm gathering last week, bringing together both current and former staff and board members. Anne Goodman, President and... read more

Q & A featuring Chuck Wolfe

Posted November 10, 2017 in News Items

[image:1] Check out the Q & A write-up we did featuring Chuck Wolfe, author of “Seeing the Better City.” [image:2] read more