Sidewalk’s first neighborhood blog

Posted June 09, 2015 in Articles

[image:1] A Strong Neighborhood grantee LAND Studio is doing a special ethnographic/anthropological project entitled “Sidewalk,” where the consultants complete a “residency” in Buckeye to collect narratives about the neighborhood. Read their first blog here. read more

Vacant to Vibrant Project in Area Neighborhoods

Posted May 15, 2015 in Articles

(5.15.15) A Strong Neighborhood Grantee Cleveland Botanical Garden is putting the finishing touches on three small stormwater parks in Woodland Hills neighborhood of Cleveland.These combined green stormwater infrastructure/community recreation spaces are part of “Vacant to... read more

A Strong Neighborhood Grantee EDWINS in the news

Posted November 03, 2014 in Articles

(11.3.14) EDWINS founder Brandon Chrostowski spends Sunday afternoons at Grafton Correctional Institution teaching culinary education. According to officers, Brandon’s holistic program is unique in the prison system as it ultimately helps graduates find employment. To read... read more

Two Healthy People Grantees will receive part of $7.9 million in chronic disease prevention funding

Posted September 26, 2014 in Articles

(9.26.14) Healthy People Grantees in the News: Cuyahoga County Board of Health and the YMCA of Greater Cleveland will be two of seven receiving part of $7.9 million in federal grants to prevent chronic disease... read more

Social service agencies are moving into eight more Cleveland schools

Posted August 28, 2014 in Articles

[image:1] (8.28.14) Eight more Cleveland schools have tapped social service agencies to assist them with organizing tutoring, attendance drives, parent engagement and other services for students and families. The eight schools are the second wave of “wraparound”... read more