Councilman: Woodhill Must Be Redeveloped, With Or Without HUD Funding

Posted January 02, 2020 in Articles

[image:1] [Justin Glanville / ideastream] The plan to rebuild the Woodhill Homes public housing neighborhood must happen whether or not the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) makes a grant to the project next year — and financing is in place to ensure it does, said Cleveland City Councilman Blaine Griffin. "We're going to do this regardless if the HUD grant comes through," said Griffin, who represents Ward 6, where Woodhill Homes is located. "We have to let people know that this is not a contingency plan, that this is something that the city is committed to and something that the... read more

'It's Always Fun Outside' : A Day in the Life of a Kid Growing Up in Public Housing

Posted December 24, 2019 in Articles

My name is Sonny Graham and I’m 9 years old, but I was still 8 when we made this story. [image:1] I live at Woodhill Homes. I’m telling you my story because I would like people to know... read more

Moving Out, Moving On: What's Gained And Lost In A Move From Public Housing

Posted December 03, 2019 in Articles

[image:1] Kisha Nixon says while she's happy to be renting her own house, there are aspects of her former public housing neighborhood she misses. [Justin Glanville / ideastream] For a long time in Cleveland, more families have... read more

Newspapers Dying? Not Cleveland's 40-Year-Old 'East Side Daily News'

Posted October 01, 2019 in Articles

[image:4] Ulysses Glen, in front of a wall of archival photos and articles, has been the owner and publisher of the East Side Daily News since 1980. [Justin Glanville / ideastream] Walk into a post office on... read more

Plan for Cleveland's Woodhill Homes Calls for 1,000 Units, Human Services

Posted August 28, 2019 in Articles

[image:1] An architectural rendering shows a concept for the intersection of Woodland Avenue and E. 110th Street. [City Architecture] The effort to rebuild and reinvigorate Woodhill Homes, a public housing development one mile south of Cleveland's University... read more