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A Message from Anne Goodman

Posted April 08, 2020 in News Items

Dear Friends,

My time at the Saint Luke’s Foundation has truly changed me “for the better,” as the song says. I have learned a great deal and been so very fortunate to have developed many wonderful relationships. Of course, this makes stepping down as President and CEO bittersweet. But, it is time for my next chapter and I am eager for my next step.

In the six years I have been fortunate enough to be at the helm of this amazing foundation, I have seen a great deal – but perhaps the most important take-away is an awe that I have developed for the work that goes on in our community. I truly wish you could all experience the vantage point I have benefitted so greatly from. There are more opportunities for positive change than I had imagined, more talented and passionate leaders working to impact lives and more challenge than I ever imagined.

My personal decision to step down from my role as President and CEO was born out of my passion for those organizations I have come into contact with. I want to be a part of their efforts, and building capacity, on the ground. It is the same intention that motivates philanthropy really, though at a more granular level. Having run a large nonprofit for fifteen years, and a foundation for six years, I have a lot that I want to share about fundraising and management strategy – building capacity for organizations with vital missions.

There are aspects of my role and people I will miss greatly, but I’m not going far, and I hope we will stay connected. My new endeavor is called AG Nonprofit Advisors and my new email is anne@agnpa.com.

Thank you for crossing my path and enriching me as a person.

Be well,