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Message from Monique

Posted April 07, 2020 in News Items

I write this letter with mixed emotions. I am saddened to leave great work and even greater people that live, work, and engage in the communities surrounding St. Luke’s Foundation. I am also sitting with great anticipation and excitement about my venture into full-time entrepreneurship, providing consulting and coaching services to individuals and organizations. However, the greatest emotion I have is pride! I am honored to have fulfilled this role and do the important work of connecting with people and providing resources to meet their needs and act on opportunities. I’m proud and humbled by the relationships I developed, initiatives I started like the Resident Advancement Committee, and the spaces I created for resident voice.

What I hope I have and will continue to convey is a reminder to shake the world, in a gentle way. I am moving on from the Foundation, but not from the work in the community, so this is not a goodbye; it’s a see you soon. If you want to stay connected, feel free to contact me at engage@moniquewilliamsinc.com or 216-369-9329.

With love,