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Purpose Built Communities: Putting Two Neighborhoods on a Pathway to Greater Opportunity

Posted March 26, 2020 in Articles

Author: Purpose Build Communities

CLE Purpose Built Communities is unique in its mission to customize and apply the Purpose Built Communities’ holistic model of community revitalization in two Cleveland neighborhoods: Buckeye-Woodhill and Glenville.

CLE Purpose Built Communities is continuing the legacy of Cleveland’s Greater University Circle Initiative, which created pathways to employment, employer-assisted housing, and transit-oriented development in seven neighborhoods.

CLE Purpose Built Communities operates in partnership with the Cleveland Foundation and Saint Luke’s Foundation, which serve as community quarterbacks for the neighborhoods, along with an executive board, two neighborhood-level executive committees, and community partners.

Putting Two Neighborhoods on a Pathway to Greater Opportunity

The Buckeye-Woodhill and Glenville neighborhoods are places of great opportunity with varying levels of challenge. Each neighborhood bears deep wounds from past practices and policies that were rooted in structural racism and consequently show symptoms of disinvestment and neglect.

Despite their current challenges, each area has community assets with a resilience to survive; hope upon which to build a solid future; and a richness of community that embodies the spirit of togetherness and belonging. The future of both neighborhoods is bright because of a growing body of individuals and organizations who share the vision of equitable and holistic neighborhood transformation.

“Implementing the Purpose Built Communities model in two Cleveland neighborhoods is exciting and gives Cleveland an opportunity to leverage its strengths and come together in a powerful way, while recognizing the uniqueness and history of each community.” - Kimalon Dixon, Senior Project Director

Mixed-Income Housing

Built in 1930, Woodhill Homes is a public housing complex in the Buckeye-Woodhill neighborhood that currently has 487 households. Community partners are working together to evolve this neighborhood into a mixed-income community.

The composition of housing in the Glenville neighborhood includes single and multi-family houses and multi-unit apartment buildings. CLE Purpose Built Communities is targeting efforts within a Concentrated Investment District (CID) that is currently known as “Circle North” and is partnering with the Famicos Foundation.

Cradle-to-College Education

CLE Purpose Built Communities has begun construction of an educational pipeline in both target neighborhoods through partnerships with early childhood educational providers and deep-planning with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for the K-8 component.

In the Buckeye-Woodhill neighborhood, a collaboration between Starting Point, East End Neighborhood House, and the Council of Economic Opportunities of Greater Cleveland will create a new, high-quality early childhood education center in the Woodhill Homes Community Center.

Community Wellness

A wellness initiative is in development for both neighborhoods. Plans include the enhancement of parks and green spaces, community gardens, and the creation of direct linkages to world-class health care facilities. Employment, entrepreneurship and economic mobility will be addressed in both neighborhoods because of community needs and their connection to public safety and neighborhood stability.

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