Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland help the children most in need to grow, learn, and realize their potential.

What We Funded

We provided support for club expansion and youth recruitment for the Saint Luke’s Manor and Mt. Pleasant clubs. By providing programming in three core areas

What Is The Need

Youth in poverty are more likely than wealthier peers to experience low educational attainment, difficulty gaining and maintaining employment, substance abuse, early sexual activity, and unplanned teen parenthood. Buckeye and Mt. Pleasant are two of Cleveland’s highest-risk urban neighborhoods. The Clubs provide a safe space and quality enrichment and recreation programs during the hours when young people are most vulnerable and most likely to engage in behavior that is damaging to themselves and their communities. Studies show that students enrolled in after-school programs demonstrate improved academic performance and school attendance, increased levels of constructive community engagement, and improved health outcomes (physical and psychological). Moreover, the research indicates that the students at greatest risk show the greatest gains.

Why We Funded This Work

The Boys & Girls Club’s work aligns with the Foundation’s strategy to improve social conditions by addressing the need for youth development and out-of-school programming opportunities in these neighborhoods.

The Impact

  • Regular participants in the Boys & Girls Club have made academic progress: in 2016, 96% were promoted to the next grade on time and 91% of seniors graduated.
  • At Saint Luke’s Manor, membership increased by 10% and teen membership increased by 33%.