Reaching Asian Americans through innovative and supportive engagement

What We Funded

The Foundation’s grant ($20,000) supported ASIA’s Project RAISE (Reaching Asian Americans through Innovative and Supportive Engagement) community-based social support partnerships with five ethnic voluntary social groups that are committed to community health and wellness.

What Is The Need

Support for RAISE’s current partnership with five ethnic voluntary social groups to sustain the Health Liaison programming that was established in 2013 to support and coordinate partner agencies, and to expand the program’s reach and impact.

Why We Funded This Work

Community based social support addresses the obesity strategy by increasing physical activity and improving nutrition.

Goals For This Grant

To increase opportunities for healthy eating and active living in AAPI communities by investing in connections and capacity for social support toward healthier living and the reduction of obesity

The Approach We Support

  • Identifying coalition members’ existing faith-based and small business partners that can promote healthy eating and active living initiatives
  • Evaluation of potential partners for priorities related to healthy eating/active living, previous partnership experience with a coalition member, and capacity to sustain the partnership relationship
  • Working with coalition partners to implement healthy eating/active living partnerships to systemically fold them into their list of priorities
  • Focusing on leadership development, and technical assistance and social support

The Impact

Four of five coalition members were able to expand with faithbased organization and/or small business to implement healthy eating/active living partnerships and initiatives, which included:

  • Providing resources for chronic disease management and healthy food options
  • Introducing health as a priority for a women’s support group
  • Promoting a “water-only” policy with local businesses and stakeholders
  • Implementing Chinese language food-safety training for small, AAPI-owned restaurants

Secured a CDC REACH grant to expand physical activity access by using school facilities for neighborhood usage.