A Vision of Change Community Health Hubs: A Resident driven approach to reducing health disparities.

What We Funded

In Year 2 of implementation, A Vision of Change launched Community Health Hub model. Since 2021, the Community Health Hub has actively engages Buckeye/Shaker, Woodhill, and Mt. Pleasant as Community Health Workers with evidence-based support to reduce health disparities.

The Approach We Support

The Saint Luke's Foundation promotes the A Vision of Change as their work promotes prevention and management of chronic disease through health and wellness activities aligning with Saint Luke's Healthy Eating Active Living and social connections strategies.

The Impact

In addition to encouraging healthy behaviors, the Community Health Workers prioritize resources and raise community understanding of social determinants of health such as food deserts. A Vision of Change will connect people to resources, such as PPE, and address additional fundamental needs. All in all, ten residents of the neighborhood will benefit from this project's promotion of financial stability, which will ultimately boost the local economy.