Improving wraparound services at Harvey Rice

What We Funded

The Center is a key community partner of Cleveland Metropolitan School District's Harvey Rice Wraparound School, which serves PreK-8th grade students. The school's wraparound approach surrounds families with social, economic, health-related, and academic support needed for success. The Centers' work at Harvey Rice Wraparound School utilizes a Whole Family approach that focuses equally and intentionally on services and opportunities for children and adults in their lives.

Why We Funded This Work

The Centers' work at the Harvey Rice Wraparound School aligns with the Foundation's social connection and financial stability strategies. Social connection and financial stability are upheld by ensuring families are connected to community resources and receive needed support to help them achieve goals for family well-being, stability, and mobility.

The Impact

The projected impact will include providing opportunities for Harvey Rice students to participate in art activities, activities promoting healthy eating and other healthy behaviors, and a variety of social-emotional learning activities. Collaboratively, the CMSD's Department of Family and Engagement Services and the Say Yes Family Support Specialist will also support a positive school climate and incentivize structure for high rates of school attendance and academic achievement.