To provide the families of our community culturally diverse and compassionate social services, education and activities so that each member

What We Funded

The Listen for Good project to improve East End Neighborhood House’s ability to collect and use client feedback by using the Net Promoter Score, which measures the extent to which clients receive great service and promote the program to friends and family.

What Is The Need

The East End Neighborhood House has limited staff resources to implement new initiatives that will strengthen the capacity of a neighborhood anchor.

Why We Funded This Work

To strengthen East End Neighborhood House’s capacity to serve its clients as it works to improve social conditions in the community. The Net Promoter Score system has been widely used in for-profit companies to gauge customer loyalty and has shown promise for use in social service settings to encourage organizations to listen to their clients.

The Impact

  • Customized and administered a survey tool in two agency programs.
  • Conducted focus groups to share survey results with clients and gain further insight.
  • Gained insight about client perception of East End Neighborhood House and agency programs.
  • The marketing department is engaging and partnering more effectively with front-line programming units.
  • Participation in the Listen for Good program enhanced ability to work with survey tools, reinforced the value of internal data collection to all departments, established a new connection with clients, and led to new and more effective relationships with industry peers.
  • Agency departments continue to gain a better understanding of how feedback loops and data can inform agency efforts and practices.