Ohio’s nonpartisan, independent source for forecasting health trends and analyzing key health issues

What We Funded

The Foundation’s grant ($200,000) supported HPIO’s work in advancing the health of all Ohioans through informed health policy decisions. HPIO does this by improving the ability of health leaders, policymakers and other stakeholders to understand the implications of various health issues and to make fully informed decisions about them.

What Is The Need

Non-partisan, factual information about health policy in Ohio

Why We Funded This Work

Working with HPIO directly meets our desire to advance policy which we know is our best opportunity to make change that can impact our health priorities.

Goals For This Grant

  • Stakeholders will increase their knowledge of specific health policy issues.
  • Stakeholders will share information, create stronger networks and increase their skills/capacity to influence health policy.
  • Stakeholders will identify and generate promising practices and innovative health policy solutions.

The Approach We Support

  • Ongoing education of policymakers
  • Ongoing monitoring of the Affordable Care Act – dashboard, information and analysis
  • Providing information and analysis about the impact of key health policy issues
  • Engaging policymakers and key stakeholders in conversations about issues impacting the health and well-being of Ohioans
  • Development of publications and educational materials
  • Convening key stakeholders and holding forums and conferences to educate and increase dialogue on health policy challenges and opportunities in Ohio
  • Tracking Ohio’s health outcomes and costs

The Impact

  • Produced the Health Value Dashboard, a first-of-its-kind combined state ranking of health outcomes and healthcare costs.
  • Hosted 10 educational forums.
  • More than 90% of stakeholders agree that the HPIO forum they attended was relevant to their organization, sector or constituents.
  • 92% of stakeholders agreed that they had increased knowledge about current and emerging health policy issues and opportunities as a result of attending a forum.
  • Influence: Approximately three-quarters of forum attendees reported an intent to use information and analysis in policy process.
  • 211 interactions took place involving more than 30 individual policymakers.
  • Released 10 written policy products and three online guides; convened 38 meetings of groups and 10 forums; saw HPIO content incorporated into 53 media stories; and exceeded social media targets with 388 tweets.
  • Received 16 requests for technical assistance from policymakers or other stakeholders.