Buckeye Fresh Camp Community Wellness Interactive Performance

August 3 from 9:00am - 12:00am

Buckeye Fresh Camp Community Wellness Interactive Performance

This event will serve as the grand finale for our Buckeye Fresh Camp. Fresh Camp is our two-week summer camp program in which we teach neighborhood youth ages 9-18 about hip hop music composition, lyric-writing, and performance.

We also engage youth in an interactive dialogue with our staff, volunteers, and professionals in a variety of areas from community health experts to police officers talking about gun violence. It is through these conversations that students gain the knowledge, insight, and inspiration to write original hip hop music about real issues in their communities which affect their daily lives.

At this event, we will celebrate what the students have learned and showcase their talents and original messages to the community. Our positive, energetic, youthful approach will include a youth garden cooking battle, for which our students will partner with local chefs to compete on the best, healthiest dishes that highlight food from the farmers’ market and youth gardens in Buckeye. This interactive, hip hop-focused celebration of local foods and youth art is a great way to even further enhance the vibrant atmosphere of the North Union Farmers Market.

Our goal is to entice and excite people from all ages and walks of life about promoting community health and wellbeing, and about youth empowerment. We also aim to reduce negative stigmas of teenagers and of hip hop music through our interactive community performances. We implemented this event in partnership with the Care-A-Van wellness program last year, and it is our intention to continue this vibrant collaboration in 2019.