A Strong Neighborhood Guest Blog Feature: Seeing the Underlying Potential

Posted on 04/26/16 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] As I stood at the top of the hill, my view of the city was broken up by the naked trees running down the hillside, at the bottom of which lay a stern brick structure... read more

A Strong Neighborhood Blog: What is your favorite public space?

Posted on 04/15/16 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] (3.15.16) What is your favorite public space? “What is your favorite public space?” is one of my favorite “check-in” questions when I host meetings. [image:2] I ask it for two reasons: It forces people (professionals and civilians alike) to... read more

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Posted on 06/16/15 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] (6.17.15) Over the last month, I had three encounters with neighborhood youngsters that was equal parts eye opening and reaffirming, and raw… [image:2] The setting of the first exchange was at a career day with our partner... read more

Promoting the Basic Right to Play

Posted on 04/30/15 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] (5.1.15) I like to open up meetings with this question: Describe a meaningful experience growing up in your neighborhood. The first thing that I notice is that people generally smile when I ask this question. On a... read more

With Space Comes Place: Understanding the Extraordinary Value of Common Spaces In Our Communities

Posted on 11/19/14 in SC Perspectives

[image:3] (11.20.14) Plazas, piazzas, town squares, campfires, parks, and other common spaces build community, period. These public commons allow us to share time and space with strangers. This encourages social connections and in doing so, builds... read more