New Park Announcement: Derek Owens Memorial Park

Posted on 05/14/19 by Anne C. in SLF Neighborhoods

[image:1] Remembering Patrol Officer Derek Owens, EOW March 1, 2008 Patrol Officer Derek Owens served with the Cleveland Division of Police for 10 yearsand was assigned to the Division’s Fourth District. On February 29, 2008, Patrol Officer... read more

Reflections on a Habitat Home Dedication

Posted on 01/29/19 by Heather in SLF Neighborhoods

A chilly 20 degrees with light snow didn’t stop over 30 people from crowding into Annetta’s new home on 3261 130th Street in the Buckeye neighborhood. The warm red door with a well-appointed front porch... read more

What Really Creates Health? Embracing the Social Determinants as Our Health Imperative

Posted on 10/25/18 in Social Determinants of Health

Guest blog by Terry Allan, Cuyahoga County's Health Commissioner and SLF Trustee Clevelanders have a strong reputation for supporting those most in need in our community. There are a wide range of public and private health... read more

Blog from Senior Program Officer of A Strong Neighborhood: Please, just a nice place to sit.

Posted on 12/11/17 by Kristen in SC Perspectives

[image:1] Holly Whyte is known as one of the most influential observers of the city and the space around it. He was an advocate for parks, plazas, sidewalks and other pedestrian spaces that invite schmoozing, (a... read more

Blog from Senior Program Officer of Resilient Families: Behind our Family Strengthening Community of Practice

Posted on 10/04/17 by Christie in RF Perspectives

In good times and bad, people are, at their very core, interdependent and social creatures. News coverage of recent natural disasters has pointed out just how important we are to one another. In much subtler... read more