Blog from Senior Program Officer of Resilient Families: Behind our Family Strengthening Community of Practice

Posted on 10/04/17 by Christie in RF Perspectives

In good times and bad, people are, at their very core, interdependent and social creatures. News coverage of recent natural disasters has pointed out just how important we are to one another. In much subtler... read more

Resilient Families Blog: Reflections on “$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America”

Posted on 04/28/16 by Christie in RF Perspectives

[image:3] (4.28.16) I was really moved by Kathryn Edin’s recent address at the City Club, as it served as a reminder of how easy it is for families to fall through the cracks, often in spite... read more

A Resilient Families Blog: Families Are Messy

Posted on 05/19/14 by Christie in RF Perspectives

July 2013by Christie Manning– [image:1] This is something I find myself saying with some regularity…to signify the affection I have for the unique imperfections in this area of human relationships…to sum up a truism that is ever-present... read more