Blog from Senior Program Officer of A Strong Neighborhood: Please, just a nice place to sit.

Posted on 12/11/17 by Kristen in SC Perspectives

[image:1] Holly Whyte is known as one of the most influential observers of the city and the space around it. He was an advocate for parks, plazas, sidewalks and other pedestrian spaces that invite schmoozing, (a... read more

Blog from Senior Program Officer of Resilient Families: Behind our Family Strengthening Community of Practice

Posted on 10/04/17 by Christie in RF Perspectives

In good times and bad, people are, at their very core, interdependent and social creatures. News coverage of recent natural disasters has pointed out just how important we are to one another. In much subtler... read more

Blog from Senior Director for Evaluation, Outcomes, and Learning: Collecting Data is the Easy Part

Posted on 09/19/17

When we think about data and learning, collecting the data is the easy part. It’s also easy to ignore – or become overwhelmed by – what to do next, especially with everything else on your... read more

Blog from President and CEO Anne Goodman: “What About Failure?”

Posted on 08/10/17 by Anne C.

(8.10.17) In our work at Saint Luke’s, we get to know organizations that are dealing with individuals, families and communities facing really tough – and complex – circumstances. There are creative ways to address these... read more

Blog from Senior Program Officer Heather Torok on Visit to Cuba

Posted on 07/10/17 by Heather in HP Perspectives

[image:1] (7.10.17) Last month we convened a meeting for 15 partners from Cleveland non-profit organizations. The organizations were mostly Federally Qualified Health Care Clinics (FQHCs) and Behavioral Health Care Organizations. In the midst of a changing... read more