Julian Khan

Who He Is

Julian Khan is a Buckeye bred and raised community leader. Julian describes himself as “an epic visionary growing through the cracks of a broken society.”

You can often find him in his “Cleveland Over Everything” apparel - walking around the southeast side of Cleveland, or at communitiy meetings. His commitment goes beyond himself. Julian aspires to have his entire community grow right alongside of him.

When asked about his commitment, he said “The neighborhood educated me. The neighborhood raised me. I’ve worked in the neighborhood and continue to work in the neighborhood. I worship and play in the neighborhood. It’s a part of me because it’s extended so much to me in my life.”

What He Does

Julian has taken his love and affinity for the Buckeye neighborhood and channeled it into local efforts and created his own. His engagement doesn’t discriminate. He has managed to transcend racial/socio-economic barriers and is as active in Larchmere and Shaker Square as he is in Buckeye-Woodhill.

Julian is involved in several neighborhood engagement processes, including but not limited to, the Shaker Square Enhancement Project, LAND studio’s Inner City Hues project, Buckeye HEAL and Neighborhood Connections. He is sought out by many institutions that are doing work in Buckeye to provide his wisdom and knowledge, and to leverage his connections.

Engaging with partners is good, but for Julian it isn’t his sole aim. He takes what he hears and learns back to his neighbors, through the beauty salons and barber shops, and even on the street corner. He shares what he knows with the community and encourages others to be involved as well. And for those that refuse because of the distrust, he takes their stories, their hopes and concerns, to institutions that would not have heard their experiences without Julian’s involvement.

His Impact

Julian’s leadership has led to the connection of local artists to LAND studio for the Inner City Hues mural projects, resulting in two new murals in Buckeye. He has worked with other resident leaders to start Buckeye Soul Series – an array of neighborhood gatherings that include music, food, and fellowship taking the fun from street to street. Julian also organized around the need for trauma-related services and social service providers, leading to new social service partners occupying the first floor of MetroHealth. He has facilitated Common Ground conversations, was a part of organizing for a grocery store, and continues to hold Simon’s Grocery Store accountable for providing high quality and affordable food.

Above all, he has been able to strengthen community, promote neighborly conduct, and challenge neighborhood boundaries and initiatives that don’t serve the community or those that live in it. His tireless efforts help to strengthen our social fabric and inform the work that aims to improve the environment that he and so many others call home.


“Know people, love people, serve people.”


Julian Khan

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