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The Saint Luke’s Foundation embraces the following core values:

RESPECT: We respect diverse perspectives, knowledge, backgrounds and values, both internally and externally.

LEADERSHIP: As an organization deeply committed to listening and learning, we strive to employ and share best practices within philanthropy and the not-for-profit sector, and empower our grantees to do the same in their work.

PARTNERSHIP: We recognize our efforts are compounded exponentially when we work in collaboration with others, and we are eager to partner with organizations and individuals that share our interests, values and
desired outcomes.

COURAGE: We recognize that true and lasting change requires a willingness to take risks on well-conceived ideas, time, vision, tenacity, patience, persistence and the ability to learn from honest mistakes and improve performance going forward.

RESULTS: We are committed to supporting, analyzing and utilizing outcome data to inform planning, decision-making and capacity building, and to reporting our findings.

TRANSPARENCY: We are open and transparent in everything we do and committed to communicating the results of our work, and that of our partners.


Guiding Principles 1 | 2