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Those are the words that best describe the focus of Saint Luke’s Foundation in 2011, a significant year of continued learning and growth. As a result, last year could be characterized as a year of both achievement and reflection.


Our 2011 work focused on seven priority areas: grantmaking, outcomes measurement, communications, collaboration, foundation development and governance, stewardship, and the ongoing resolution of Medical Center liabilities. With our eyes trained on those priority areas, we are proud of the Foundation’s 2011 accomplishments. As reflected in the list below, the Foundation:

  • Welcomed three outstanding new board members – Francis Afram-Gyening, Belva Denmark Tibbs and Arthur Lavin, M.D.
  • Successfully concluded and publicly celebrated the Strategic Restructuring Pilot, a collaboration of 18 foundations that guided eight human services organizations through significant strategic restructuring. A permanent collection of collaboration learning materials, including a detailed case study of the project, is now housed at the Foundation Center of Cleveland.
  • Brought together 300 nonprofit and community leaders for the Foundation’s biennial meeting, held at Friendly Inn Settlement House. This event featured keynote speaker Wes Moore, author of the book The Other Wes Moore.
  • Recognized the ten “Make It Stick” communications grantees at the biennial meeting and in the Foundation’s 2010 annual report.
  • Participated, in partnership with funders from across Ohio, in a Statewide Healthcare Reform Taskforce and worked to develop information sheets disseminated to help people understand the Affordable Care Act. Those sheets are now available for download at
  • Led the coalition of funders guiding the Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council to include the work of the Asthma Coalition and led the evolution to a more comprehensive “Green, Safe and Healthy Homes” focus. 
  • Hosted the national PLACE MATTERS team in Cleveland and launched the “Why Place Matters” information series at The City Club of Cleveland aimed at bringing the issue of “place” to a broader audience. 
  • In partnership with the Deaconess Community Foundation, led the Nonprofit Centers Network Feasibility Study, conducted by Nonprofit Centers Network of the Tides Foundation, to assess the marketplace on the viability of a nonprofit shared space and services operation. 
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