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Program Strategy
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The Foundation has realigned its professional staff in order to effectively manage this new grantmaking approach. Each of the Foundation’s three program strategies will be managed by a Senior Program Officer.

Heather Torok
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Sandra Byrd Chappelle
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LaTida Smith
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Our Desire to Move the Needle

Utilizing the guiding principles of Rethink, Redesign, Reinvent,* our board and professional staff thoroughly analyzed the Foundation’s infrastructure, operations and essential purpose in 2011. We studied changing needs in communities our grantees serve, as well as broader economic, demographic and societal shifts in Greater Cleveland and beyond. We also evaluated our grantmaking policies and procedures as they relate to these changes.

This process evolved over a nine-month period and involved rethinking our organizational structure and grantmaking processes to ensure that we deploy our human and financial resources as effectively as possible. As part of this analysis, we consulted experts, relevant industry literature and our colleagues, as well as a focus group of grantees.

Our goal: apply lessons learned to our grantmaking process in ways that allow us to more substantially impact change on the issues we care deeply about while maximizing stability and support for organizations whose work advances our mission, our vision and our values.

As a result, in December 2011, our board approved a new grantmaking philosophy that focused on three key program areas in Health, Community and Family, along with a process that ties grants directly to mission-driven criteria and outcomes over market-responsive criteria. The Foundation also announced its intention to pursue larger and longer-duration grants with select organizations in accordance with the new policy and approach.

To learn more about the Saint Luke’s Foundation grantmaking evolution, click here.


Solidifying Our Program

Strategy Areas

In 2012, our challenge is to solidify the new program areas and strategies by defining precisely who each serves, then outlining the corresponding operational strategy and qualifying the intended results. Within each of these program strategy areas, Saint Luke's Foundation continues to provide discretionary, operating support, and capital support grants, as well as program-related investments. Grants are also being made within each program strategy area for building organizational capacity in the areas of collaboration, communication, leadership development, outcomes and learning, and policy/advocacy.

To learn more about the program strategy areas, click here.


* Adapted from Leap of Reason by Mario Morino