Reflecting. Evaluating. Learning.


Dear Stakeholders,

Abigail Adams said, “Learning is not attained by chance.
It must be sought with ardor and attended to with diligence.” At Saint Luke’s Foundation, we couldn’t agree more. Learning is a value for us, but it is also a verb, for it
is never done—nor would we want it to be done.

It is through our ongoing quest for knowledge that we become better and do more good. We, the board and staff at Saint Luke’s Foundation, take the time to purposefully share insights and experiences so that we are collectively always stretching our minds and growing. It is an important part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Much of what we learn as a foundation comes from the great work of our grantees. In this report, the staff share some reflections on knowledge we have gained on a variety of topics. By reading these perspectives, you can get to know the staff better, stretch your mind for a minute and maybe benefit from us in a similar fashion to the way we benefit from you. Through the program gateways to the left, you will find spotlights on some of our grants and their outcomes, as well as reflections on important lessons from our staff in 2016.

It is a privilege for us to be involved in this important work with our grantees and community partners. Our collective efforts make real change for real people. What an honor
for us all!






Anne C. Goodman                  Belva Denmark Tibbs

President and CEO                     Chair