President and CEO Anne C. Goodman
shares the hallmarks of great partnerships.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:


Among the key values at Saint Luke’s Foundation, partnership ranks near the top, as shown by this passage from our guiding principles:


“We recognize that our efforts are compounded exponentially when we work in collaboration with others and we are eager to partner with organizations and individuals that share our interests, values and desired outcomes.”


That’s why we’ve chosen “Partnership” as the theme for this annual report. In these pages, as in all of our communications with you, we hope to convey its importance as we work together to serve our community.


During the many years I worked on the grant-receiving side of things, I was often hesitant to reach out to the Foundation with a call or an email because I believed it would make the staff feel hounded. I’ve found in my time here that nothing could be farther from the truth.


Working closely with the Foundation is the best way to engage us in your work. Each of us here wants to be involved with you. You’re the experts at what you do. We want to see your organizations, talk to you about your work, meet those you serve, and really know you. This helps build the trust that is so fundamental. (For me personally, working directly with you is what makes my job fun—and I’m a big believer that you should have fun at work!)


As trust and openness are hallmarks of great partnerships, believe me when I say you can share everything with us—successes and failures. If you take a calculated risk that doesn’t turn out the way you’d hoped, let’s talk about why it happened, what you learned from it, and what you plan to try next. For the most part, we aren’t in this grant by grant; we’re interested in ongoing relationships and how we can succeed in our mission through your work. We’re truly rooting for you.


Just like you, we’re part of a community seeking progress on many fronts. This doesn’t happen without collaboration and partnership. Let’s press on together and see if we can’t move some mountains!




Anne C. Goodman

President and CEO