2013 Annual Report

Lasting Impact

It was a year of successes amidst changes and challenges. Scroll down to see
what we helped make possible in 2013 – and where we're headed today.

Healthy Smiles

Reducing disparities in oral healthcare
for underserved Cleveland school children.


Healthy Kids

Coordinating efforts to eliminate the causes of lead poisoning in Cleveland children.


Closing the Gap

Giving residents the knowledge and resources  they need to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.



Explore the objectives, challenges and outcomes of these three transformational long-term initiatives.

Our Guiding Principles
Our Mission

Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio, reinvests its resources to provide leadership and support for the improvement and transformation of the health
and well-being of individuals, families and communities of Greater Cleveland.

Our Core Values

We respect diverse perspectives, knowledge, backgrounds and values, both internally
and externally.

As an organization deeply committed to listening and learning, we strive to employ
and share best practices within philanthropy and the not-for-
profit sector, and empower
our grantees to do the same
in their work.

We recognize our efforts are compounded exponentially when we work in collaboration with others, and we are eager to partner with organizations and individuals who share our interests, values and
desired outcomes.


We recognize that true and lasting change requires a willingness to take risks on well-conceived ideas, time, vision, tenacity, patience, persistence and the ability to learn from honest mistakes and improve performance going forward.

We are committed to supporting, analyzing and utilizing outcome data to inform planning, decision-making and capacity building, and to reporting our findings.

We are open and transparent in everything we do, and committed to communicating the results of our work and that of our partners.

A year of transitions.
Dedicated to the core.
  • Saint Luke's Foundation Staff

    Denise San Antonio Zeman
    President and CEO

    Nelson Beckford 
    Senior Program Officer for Strong Communities

    Bridget De Leon
    Grants Manager

    Kimberly Fields 
    Office Manager

    Melanie Gavin*

    Angel Johnson
    Program Assistant

    Christie Manning
    Senior Program Officer for Resilient Families

    Robert Monitello*
    Chief Financial Officer

    LaTida Smith 
    Vice President of Programs, Outcomes and Learning

    Heather Torok
    Senior Program Officer for Healthy People

    Anna Williams

    *Independent contractors replacing Dan Harrington and
     Mary Crotty who retired in June 2014 after 15 years of dedicated service.

  • Saint Luke's Foundation Board


    Douglas Wang

    Arthur Lavin, M.D.
    Vice Chair

    John P. O’Brien

    Belva Denmark Tibbs


    Francis Afram-Gyening

    April Miller Boise

    Janet E. Burney

    Geraldine H. Burns

    Luis Cartagena

    John R. Corlett

    Colleen M. Cotter

    Claudia J. Coulton

    Diana Centeno-Gomez

    Edgar B. Jackson, Jr., M.D.

    Sandra Kiely Kolb

    J. Christopher Manners

    George Mateyo

    Lori McClung

    Ashley Basile Oeken

    Kenneth L. Okeson

    Sally J. Staley

    Denise San Antonio Zeman

    Honorary Trustees

    Robert W. Akers

    Lawrence Albert

    George L. Forbes

    John H. Gherlein

    Sally S. Hollington

    Samuel R. Huston

    Julien L. McCall

    William R. Robertson

    Joseph H. Thomas

    Rev. Dr. Julius C. Trimble

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A message from President and CEO Denise San Antonio Zeman

Saint Luke’s Foundation staff and board members are a highly dedicated,
diverse group of individuals who ensure that the Foundation remains true to
its mission, vision, and core values.

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11327 Shaker Blvd. Suite 600W, Cleveland, Ohio 44104

(216) 431-8010