Cleveland General Hospital, the predecessor of Saint Luke’s Medical Center, is born.


The Saint Luke’s Hospital Association is established, which was ultimately housed on Shaker Boulevard near East 116th Street.


Saint Luke’s Medical Center ceases to exist and becomes part of a for-profit partnership. In conjunction with this transaction, Saint Luke’s Foundation is established to ensure that the charitable mission of the Medical Center continues.

The Foundation chooses Sam Huston as its first President and CEO. Francis H. Beam Jr. becomes the Foundation’s first board Chair.

Founding board members are: Lawrence Albert, Joseph A. Avila, Francis H. Beam Jr., Lois G. Brucken, Janet E. Burney, Esq., Sr. Anne Marie Deidrich, George L. Forbes, John H. Gherlein, Sally S. Hollington, Sam Huston, Sandra Kiely Kolb, J. Christopher Manners, Patricia S. Mearns, Kenneth L. Okeson, William R. Robertson, Joseph H. Thomas, and Joseph D. Whiteman.

The Foundation’s first mission statement is: “The Saint Luke’s Foundation seeks to foster and improve the health status and well-being of the people of Northeast Ohio, with special emphasis on those living in the areas traditionally served by Saint Luke’s Medical Center.”


Mt. Pleasant is chosen as the focus of the first community-building strategic initiative and Mt. Pleasant Zone is established.

The Foundation makes its first six grants: First United Methodist Church, Grantmakers In Health, The Center for Community Solutions, United Way of Greater Cleveland, Western Reserve Historical Society and the Saint Luke’s Medical Center/Department of Orthopedics.


In response to concerns that the systems of providing care to urban children were failing, the Foundation creates a multidisciplinary “think tank,” which leads to the development of the Foundation’s second strategic initiative, KidsHealth 2020.


Denise San Antonio Zeman joins the Foundation as President and CEO.


The Visions of Opportunity Award is presented to the founding board of trustees for its “vision of preserving the charitable assets of the Saint Luke’s Medical Center so that its historical mission of health could be preserved for the benefit of those it traditionally served; for its contemporary vision of creating opportunities to partner with those who share its value of developing healthy communities; for its vision of the future with a focus on making systemic change to our community’s most pressing problems; always with a dedication to the highest values of ethics and integrity.”

Healthy Smiles, a dental sealant program, is approved as a formal strategic initiative.


The Foundation’s “Community-Focused” grants concept is approved.


The Foundation highlights three transformational initiatives: Healthy Smiles Sealant Program, Mt. Pleasant Community Zone, and KidsHealth 2020.

The board revises the mission statement: “The Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio, reinvests its resources to provide leadership and support for the improvement and transformation of the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities of Greater Cleveland.”

The board refines the Foundation’s focus areas to include health and health care, human services and neighborhood empowerment.


The Foundation makes a grant of $1.3 million to the Healthy Kids in Healthy Homes Initiative, a public-private partnership mobilized to reduce the prevalence of childhood lead poisoning.

A Neighborhood Progress Inc. grant is made for “Creating Neighborhoods of Choice in Buckeye-Larchmere,” affirming the Foundation’s commitment to those two neighborhoods.

The Foundation joins over 40 grantmaking colleagues to form the Fund for Our Economic Future, an unprecedented philanthropic coalition attempting to positively impact the long-term economic prospects of Northeast Ohio.


Sandra Kiely Kolb becomes board Chair.

The board makes the Foundation’s inaugural 21st Century Grant, a $10 million award to The MetroHealth System.


The board and staff revise vision, values, methods and metrics, and streamlined grantmaking into Community Grants and Transformational Initiatives.


The Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary by making ten special 10th Anniversary Grants totaling $1M.


Thomas Rathbone is named board Chair.


The Foundation issues a “Make It Stick” RFP for communications projects.

The Foundation makes its first program-related investment to support the redevelopment of the former Saint Luke’s Medical Center.

The Foundation’s board and staff undergo a process to rethink, redesign and reinvent the Foundation based upon what they have learned during the first 14 years. The result is the adoption of a bold new spending policy and a new program strategy framework focusing on three areas: health, the neighborhoods around the hospital, and families.


Three program strategy committees, comprised of board members and community experts, work with staff and outside consultants to flesh-out the new framework and develop outcomes-based strategies to guide grantmaking and evaluation.

Douglas Wang is named board Chair.

The Foundation celebrates making $100 million in grant payments.


The Foundation returns to its roots at Saint Luke’s Pointe, the former Saint Luke’s Hospital.

Denise San Antonio Zeman steps down as President and CEO after 15 years of service.

Anne Campbell Goodman is appointed President and CEO of Saint Luke’s Foundation.


Belva Denmark Tibbs is named board Chair.

Saint Luke’s Foundation begins the inaugural SuperStar Awards, honoring the very best direct service staff in the field who are committed to measuring results to guide program strategy.


Saint Luke's current and former staff commemorate the Foundation's 20th anniversary with a celebration and publication of Vision, Work and Change authored by Justin Glanville.

By 2017 the Saint Luke's Foundation reached the important milestone in having invested over $150 million in grants during its first 20 years.


Saint Luke's Foundation board and staff complete a strategic planning process that leads to the development of a new vision and mission. The mission is to: Achieve health equity by addressing social determinants of health for people in neighborhoods surrounding Saint Luke’s and throughout Cuyahoga County.


Colleen Cotter is named Board Chair.


Timothy L. Tramble Sr. is appointed President and CEO of the Foundation after departure of Anne Goodman.