20th Anniversary Reflection: Commitment to Evaluation & Learning

Posted October 12, 2017 in News Items

Saint Luke’s Foundation has an historic commitment to evaluation and learning. In 2002, a Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Committee of the board was established, and Leah Gary became Vice President for Programs and Evaluation. In 2006, the Foundation focused on measuring outcomes through the use of logic models in the grantmaking process, and in 2008, it developed a dashboard to measure progress on 15 key indicators of effectiveness. In 2013, reflecting our continued commitment to learning, LaTida Smith was promoted to Vice President for Programs, Outcomes, and Learning. In 2016, Kathleen Dean was hired as the Senior Director for Outcomes, Evaluation... read more

20th Anniversary Reflection: Vision of Opportunity Award

Posted October 03, 2017 in News Items

In 2001, the founding Board of Saint Luke’s Foundation was presented with the Visions of Opportunity award for its “vision of preserving the charitable assets of the Saint Luke’s Medical Center so that its historical... read more

Grantee News: Policy Matters of Ohio

Posted October 02, 2017 in News Items

Policy Matters of Ohio is a grantee that we support because so much of what they do drives towards budget policy that will be good for families and all Ohioans. Today, a press release was... read more

20th Anniversary Reflection: Notable Buildings

Posted September 25, 2017 in News Items

The Saint Luke’s Foundation has been located in several notable buildings in our 20-year history. The first foundation offices were situated in the Allen Memorial Medical Library on the Case Western Reserve University campus. The... read more

Recap on Nature + Equity Event

Posted September 22, 2017 in News Items

We had some great dialogue about access to Nature + Equity and hosted hikes through the Doan Gorge with outdoor enthusiast and speaker Dudley Edmonson. We unpacked the history, stereotypes, and stigma behind why people... read more