Resilient Families Blog: Reflections on “$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America”

Posted on 04/28/16 by Christie in RF Perspectives

[image:3] (4.28.16) I was really moved by Kathryn Edin’s recent address at the City Club, as it served as a reminder of how easy it is for families to fall through the cracks, often in spite... read more

A Strong Neighborhood Guest Blog Feature: Seeing the Underlying Potential

Posted on 04/26/16 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] As I stood at the top of the hill, my view of the city was broken up by the naked trees running down the hillside, at the bottom of which lay a stern brick structure... read more

A Strong Neighborhood Blog: What is your favorite public space?

Posted on 04/15/16 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] (3.15.16) What is your favorite public space? “What is your favorite public space?” is one of my favorite “check-in” questions when I host meetings. [image:2] I ask it for two reasons: It forces people (professionals and civilians alike) to... read more

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Posted on 06/16/15 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] (6.17.15) Over the last month, I had three encounters with neighborhood youngsters that was equal parts eye opening and reaffirming, and raw… [image:2] The setting of the first exchange was at a career day with our partner... read more

Promoting the Basic Right to Play

Posted on 04/30/15 in SC Perspectives

[image:1] (5.1.15) I like to open up meetings with this question: Describe a meaningful experience growing up in your neighborhood. The first thing that I notice is that people generally smile when I ask this question. On a... read more