2018/19 Grant Deadlines

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  • CYCLE 3 (2017)

    Proposal Deadline | Oct. 2

    Site Visits | Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

    Board Meeting | Dec. 14

A Strong Neighborhood Grants List

Organization NameProject NameAmount ORDERAmount AwardedDecision Date
(New Temple) Church of the Living GodWilliam's Community Park$17,000.00$17,000.0011/24/2015
Boys and Girls Clubs of ClevelandExpansion of Youth Development Services at Mt. Pleasant and Saint Luke’s Manor Clubs$175,000.00$175,000.0007/09/2015
Boys and Girls Clubs of ClevelandYouth Development Programming @ Mt. Pleasant Club and Saint Luke's Manor Club$150,000.00$150,000.0007/01/2014
Boys and Girls Clubs of ClevelandYouth Development Services Expansion at Saint Luke’s Club & New Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Clubs$355,000.00$355,000.00*07/12/2016
Boys and Girls Clubs of ClevelandYouth Development Programming @ Mt. Pleasant Club and The Intergenerational School$150,000.00$150,000.0006/27/2013
Case Western Reserve UniversityEffective Neighboring Project: Promoting Stable and Inclusive Diversity in Cleveland Neighborhoods$40,000.00$40,000.0010/06/2016
Case Western Reserve UniversityNeighborhood Asset Mapping of Public Greenspaces$10,000.00$10,000.0005/24/2017
Centers for Families and ChildrenHarvey Rice Wraparound School Attendance Incentive Program$10,800.00$10,800.0002/28/2017
Centers for Families and ChildrenThe Centers Wraparound Services at Harvey Rice Elementary School$135,000.00$135,000.00*12/15/2016
Centers for Families and ChildrenHoliday gift for the Wraparound Initiative at Harvey Rice School to encourage improved attendance$5,000.00$5,000.0012/07/2015
City of Cleveland - Zelma George Recreation CenterShared space and programming with Boys and Girls Club$20,000.00$20,000.0010/02/2015
City Parks AllianceCleveland Park Leadership Learning Exchange$18,500.00$18,500.0001/11/2017
City YearWhole School Whole Child - Harvey Rice Expansion$100,000.00$100,000.0012/15/2016
City YearWhole School Whole Child - Harvey Rice Expansion$19,986.00$19,986.0008/31/2016
Cleveland Botanical Garden$160,000 for Green Corps and Vacant to Vibrant Projects and $5,000 for signage and marketing$165,000.00$165,000.0012/17/2015
Cleveland Botanical GardenStrengthening Buckeye through Green Infrastructure$158,000.00$158,000.00*12/18/2013
Cleveland Department of AgingAge Friendly Cleveland$56,000.00$56,000.0007/09/2015
Cleveland Metropolitan School DistrictJFK Eagle Academy- Building a Culture of Excellence, Resilience and Recognition$1,400.00$1,400.0010/11/2016
Cleveland Museum of ArtCMA's Panic Steel Drum Ensemble to perform at the Harvey Rice promotion ceremonies in May 2014$1,200.00$1,200.0005/22/2014
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.For NPI staff to attend the GEO Community of Practice meetings in 2013$3,000.00$3,000.0002/20/2013
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.Support for National Urban Fellow$20,000.00$20,000.0004/30/2014
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.UP TO $500,000 match for Friends of Saint Luke's Medical Center campaign$476,927.00$476,927.0004/05/2013
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.Growing Equity in Northeast Ohio: 2017 Year of Awareness Building$15,000.00$15,000.0001/11/2017
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.Greater Buckeye - Community Development Capacity Building and Catalytic Investments$480,000.00$480,000.0007/13/2017
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.Professional Services Proposal (Saint Luke's/E.116th St. RTA Station Enhancements$8,794.00$8,794.0004/21/2015
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.Buckeye-Larch-Shaker Sq-Woodland Hills Transformation Initiative -- $427k ops + $200k programming$627,000.00$627,000.0010/02/2014
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.Improving Transit Access and Equity in Buckeye; E116 Station Enhancements$300,000.00$300,000.0010/01/2015
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.Greater Buckeye Transformation and Purpose Built Initiative$425,000.00$425,000.0007/12/2016
Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance/Amer-I-Can clevelandBridge Support for the Intervention & Prevention project that services the Mt. Pleasant community$10,000.00$10,000.0011/14/2014
Cleveland Police FoundationFourth District Community Policing Project$130,000.00$130,000.0007/13/2017
Cleveland Police FoundationCops for Kids Community Truck$5,000.00$5,000.0002/11/2016
Cleveland Police FoundationBuckeye/Mt. Pleasant Police & Community Enrichment Initiative$10,000.00$10,000.0009/04/2014
Cleveland Police FoundationBuckeye Area Community Policing Pilot Project$80,000.00$80,000.00*07/09/2015
Cleveland Public TheatreBrick City Theatre$30,000.00$30,000.0010/06/2016
Cleveland Public TheatreThe Student Theatre Enrichment Program (STEP)$5,000.00$5,000.0004/11/2017
Cleveland Public TheatreThe Student Theatre Enrichment Program$5,000.00$5,000.0006/14/2016
Doan Brook Watershed PartnershipIndividual and Neighborhood Health with Access to Doan Brook and its Ecosystems.$45,000.00$45,000.0010/05/2016
East End Neighborhood HouseEast End anchoring collective impact for strong communities$300,000.00$300,000.00*12/17/2015
East End Neighborhood HouseFunds for Grant Writing and Implementation Services$7,000.00$7,000.0004/05/2016
Economic Growth FoundationOpportunity Corridor Enhanced Greenway & Multi-Modal Trail Plan$20,000.00$20,000.0002/25/2015
EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant InstituteStaffing for Success$65,000.00$65,000.0012/18/2014
EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant InstituteThe EDWINS Run for Re-Entry$10,000.00$10,000.0007/07/2016
EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant InstituteOperating Support for EDWINS and Capital/Operating Reserve for EDWINS Campus$125,000.00$125,000.0012/17/2015
EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant InstituteOperating Support to Ensure EDWINS' Success$80,000.00$80,000.0007/13/2017
EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant InstituteLaunching EDWINS Restaurant and Leadership Institute$65,000.00$65,000.0009/26/2013
Environmental Health WatchRace, Food and Justice: Analyzing the Urban Food Movement through a Social Justice Lens$10,000.00$10,000.0002/20/2013
Environmental Health Watch$200,000 for operating support and $45,000 for professional development$245,000.00$245,000.00*06/27/2013
Fairhill PartnersLarchmere Neighborhood Outreach Support$600.00$600.0007/11/2017
Fairhill PartnersOperating Support$70,000.00$70,000.0007/13/2017
Fairhill PartnersOperating support$100,000.00$100,000.00*12/18/2013
Fairhill PartnersOperating Support$150,000.00$150,000.00*12/17/2015
Famicos FoundationGreater Buckeye Fresh Camp$15,000.00$15,000.0005/18/2017
Famicos FoundationBuckeye Area Fresh Camp$20,000.00$20,000.0002/15/2016
Family PromiseKeeping the Promise: Mt. Pleasant Family Homeless Shelter Renovation$300,000.00$300,000.00*07/12/2016
Friendly Inn Settlement, Inc5th Annual Community Based Conference$5,000.00$5,000.0003/18/2014
Friends of Breakthrough SchoolsVillage and Entrepreneurship Preparatory Schools Woodland Hills Renovation$150,000.00$150,000.0010/02/2014
Friends of Breakthrough SchoolsNew School Development and Expansion Initiative$400,000.00$400,000.0009/26/2013
Friends of Breakthrough SchoolsHoliday gift to Intergenerational School for incentives & enrichment activities for students$5,000.00$5,000.0012/09/2015
Friends of the Cleveland Public LibraryHoliday gift to the Rice Library for Community Outreach and Partnership Activities $5,000.00$5,000.0012/05/2015
Girls With SoleSt. Luke's Pointe Women's Wellness Series$3,000.00$3,000.0004/05/2016
Girls With SoleGirls With Sole: Lacing Up for a Lifetime of Achievement$15,000.00$15,000.0001/14/2015
Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity Woodland Hills Phases Two and Three of the Buckeye Build Initiative$150,000.00$150,000.00*12/15/2016
Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity 100 Homes for Clevelanders$50,000.00$50,000.0012/17/2015
Greater Cleveland Sports CommissionNEOCycle Urban Youth Initiative$12,825.00$12,825.0004/08/2015
Harvard Community Services CenterSee You At The Top$10,000.00$10,000.0001/19/2016
Harvard Community Services CenterNeighborhood Stabilization and Implementation in Southeast Neighborhoods$220,000.00$220,000.00*07/12/2016
Harvard Community Services CenterNeighborhood Stabilization and Implementation in Southeast Neighborhoods$90,000.00$90,000.00*10/02/2014
HFLA of Northeast OhioHFLA - Looking to the Future$63,000.00$63,000.0007/13/2017
HFLA of Northeast OhioMount Pleasant Strong Neighborhoods Pilot Loan Fund$110,000.00$110,000.00*12/17/2015
Home Repair Resource CenterBuilding Stronger Neighborhoods: The Mt. Pleasant/Woodland Hills/Buckeye Initiative – PILOT PROGRAM$25,000.00$25,000.0010/06/2016
ideastreamGreater Buckeye/Mt. Pleasant Early Childhood Education and Family Literacy Environmental Scan$15,000.00$15,000.0003/03/2016
ideastreamHealthy People, Healthy Places, Healthy Future$10,000.00$10,000.0010/02/2015
iobyioby in Buckeye$110,000.00$110,000.0010/01/2015
iobyExpanding Impact in Cleveland$20,000.00$20,000.0001/11/2017
iobyioby Cleveland 2017$90,000.00$90,000.0007/13/2017
Joint Center for Political & Economic StudiesPlace Matters National Health Equity Conference$5,000.00$5,000.0006/13/2013
Kent State University Foundation, Inc.Making Our Own Space (MOOS) Youth Build Workshop$95,000.00$95,000.0012/17/2015
Kent State University Foundation, Inc.Public Space Youth Build Workshop$73,966.00$73,966.0012/18/2014
LAND studioPlacemaking Project and Program Delivery in Buckeye$435,000.00$435,000.00*12/18/2014
LAND studioLeveraging stormwater management investments in the Buckeye neighborhood$45,000.00$45,000.0012/18/2013
LAND studioProject and Program Delivery in Buckeye and Mt. Pleasant$435,000.00$435,000.0010/06/2016
LAND studio2014 Summer Programming at the Saint Luke’s Campus$20,000.00$20,000.0006/10/2014
Larchmere PorchFestLarchmere PorchFest$5,000.00$5,000.0004/05/2016
Larchmere PorchFestLarchmere PorchFest 2015$5,000.00$5,000.0005/06/2015
MetroHealth FoundationCommunity Can! A Process to Ignite and Sustain Community-Led Change$245,443.00$245,443.0012/18/2013
Mt. Pleasant Community Zone4th District Cleveland Police Department (CPD) & Community Engagement Plan$191,739.00$191,739.0012/18/2013
Mt. Pleasant Now Development CorporationMt. Pleasant NOW Development Corporation and Mt. Pleasant Community Zone Merger$20,000.00$20,000.0005/13/2014
Mt. Pleasant Now Development CorporationNehemiah 2.1-5$150,000.00$150,000.0012/17/2015
Mt. Pleasant Now Development CorporationMPNDC 2014 Strategic Plan$20,000.00$20,000.0010/20/2014
Murtis Taylor Human Services SystemAccessing Integrated Services Through Collaboration – A Capacity Building Project$70,000.00$70,000.0010/01/2015
Nature Center at Shaker LakesPreparing for the Future at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes$17,500.00$17,500.0004/18/2016
Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater ClevelandIssues and Options for Land Tenure in Public Space Projects$12,600.00$12,600.0008/08/2017
New Agrarian CenterCity Fresh - Food Oasis Proposal$8,500.00$8,500.0006/08/2015
North Union Farmers MarketHarvest at the Square: Pre-Development$90,000.00$90,000.0007/13/2017
North Union Farmers MarketLet's Celebrate Together! The 6th Annual Cleveland Garlic Festival$3,000.00$3,000.0008/27/2015
North Union Farmers MarketHarvest at the Square$20,000.00$20,000.0008/21/2014
North Union Farmers MarketHarvest at the Square: Building the Business Plan$18,000.00$18,000.0005/16/2016
OrganizeOhioE. 130th St. Initiative of Shaker Square Alliance$5,000.00$5,000.0011/11/2015
OrganizeOhioSupport for E. 130th Street Working Group$12,500.00$12,500.0008/31/2016
PolicyBridge$80,000 for operating support and $20,000 for development of a strong business plan$100,000.00$100,000.0010/02/2014
PolicyBridge2013-2014 Policy, Advocacy, Capacity Agenda$100,000.00$100,000.0009/26/2013
PolicyBridgeCuyahoga County Place Matters team’s attendance at the Place Matters National Health Equity Conf$3,770.00$3,770.0008/28/2013
PolicyBridge2015-2016 Operating Support$50,000.00$50,000.0012/17/2015
Rockefeller Philanthropy AdvisorsFund for Shared Insight's Listen for Good Initiative, East End Neighborhood House$20,000.00$20,000.0004/05/2016
Seeds of LiteracyIncreasing Success at Seeds East$75,000.00$75,000.0010/06/2016
Seeds of LiteracySeeds of Literacy East Side Expansion$20,000.00$20,000.0007/15/2014
Seeds of LiteracyOperating Support$60,000.00$60,000.0010/01/2015
Senior Transportation Connection of Cuyahoga CountyCapital Support for Vehicle Purchase$32,000.00$32,000.0009/26/2013
Shaker Square Area Development CorporationLarchmere Festival 2013$2,150.00$2,150.0006/18/2013
SPACESThe Fixers Community Dialogues$750.00$750.0006/14/2016
St Clair Superior Development CorporationCreative Placemaking through Upcycle Engagement$25,000.00$25,000.0007/13/2017
St Clair Superior Development CorporationUpcycle engagement to Unify communities at Saint Luke's Pointe$19,700.00$19,700.0012/21/2015
StandUP! For ChangeI Rise at Jamison - Creative Placemaking in Mt. Pleasant$20,000.00$20,000.0010/27/2015
Suite 1300 Services-Neighborhood ConnectionsNeighbor Up in Greater Buckeye$220,000.00$220,000.0012/18/2014
Suite 1300 Services-Neighborhood ConnectionsNeighbor Up Greater Buckeye - Phase II$230,000.00$230,000.00*12/15/2016
Suite 1300 Services-Neighborhood ConnectionsGrassroots Grantmakers "On the Ground" Gathering$5,000.00$5,000.0009/02/2014
That Can Be Me, IncBooks@Work (Saint Luke's Placemaking & C4FC-Manor Mentoring Programs) )$16,000.00$16,000.0006/10/2014
The Intergenerational SchoolSt. Luke’s Hospital: A Celebration of Communities Past and Present$10,000.00$10,000.0007/10/2017
The Life Exchange CenterOperating Support$135,000.00$135,000.00*07/12/2016
The Meeting Place Learning Center, Inc.TMPLC Operation and Upgrade$18,863.00$18,863.0008/31/2016
The Trust for Public LandPilot Fitness Zones At East End Neighborhood House, Woodhill Community Center and Fairhill Partners$250,000.00$250,000.0007/01/2014
Thea Bowman CenterCapacity Building for Thea Bowman Center's Healthy People Program Plan$50,000.00$50,000.0007/09/2015
ULI ClevelandULI/City of Cleveland Planning Commission Grant$20,000.00$20,000.0001/29/2015
Union Miles Development CorporationShort term support for Community Engagement and Code Enforcement efforts in Mt Pleasant$20,000.00$20,000.0006/10/2014
United Way of Greater ClevelandThe Community Wrap-Around Initiative for Academic Achievement$600,000.00$600,000.00*12/18/2013
Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Thriving Communities InstituteFrancis H. Beam Fellowship Extension$90,000.00$90,000.0007/13/2017
Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Thriving Communities InstituteFrancis H. Beam Fellowship$183,000.00$183,000.0004/09/2015
Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Thriving Communities InstituteThriving Communities Institute- Saint Luke's Neighborhood Revitalization project phase II$699,148.00$699,148.0012/17/2015
Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Thriving Communities InstituteThriving Communities Institute - Saint Luke’s Neighborhood Revitalization Project$734,000.00$734,000.00*12/18/2013
Youth Opportunities UnlimitedSummer Jobs in Cleveland's Mount Pleasant and Buckeye-Woodland Neighborhoods$12,000.00$12,000.0005/21/2015
Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Thriving Communities InstituteSaint Luke's Neighborhood Revitalization Project Phase III$325,000.00$325,000.0012/14/2017
City YearWhole School Whole Child - Harvey Rice Wraparound and John Adams High School$100,000.00$100,000.0012/14/2017
East End Neighborhood HouseOperating Support for Collective Impact 2.0 to Wealth Creation$260,000.00$260,000.00*12/14/2017