2018/19 Grant Deadlines

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  • CYCLE 3 (2017)

    Proposal Deadline | Oct. 2

    Site Visits | Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

    Board Meeting | Dec. 14

Scofield Mansion in the news

Chris Gideon

Chris Gideon

(11.8.16) High school intern Chris Gideon was a featured Saint Luke’s Foundation blogger a few months ago. Chris wrote “Seeing the Underlying Potential” and discussed Scofield Mansion. In Chris’ words, “It brings hope because I was able to look beyond the imperfections and recognize the significance of the existing pieces; the walls were still made of stone, the house was still standing.”

The story of Scofield Mansion continues to unfold with a new update in the news that you can read by clicking here.