Saint Luke's Foundation

Guiding Principles



Saint Luke’s Foundation is dedicated to improving and transforming social and physical conditions in our neighborhood and improving the health and well-being of individuals and families in Greater Cleveland. Our program strategy framework positions us to build sustainable solutions to key issues that impact our community.




Saint Luke’s Foundation will be a philanthropic innovator and catalyst that supports programs that significantly advance its mission and
have the potential to be locally, regionally and nationally recognized
and replicated.



Core Values

The Saint Luke’s Foundation embraces the following core values to guide its work:

COURAGE: We are willing to take well-considered risks and learn from our mistakes, demonstrating patience and persistence.

LEADERSHIP: We develop innovative ways to achieve the Foundation’s mission with compassion, humility and integrity.

PARTNERSHIP: We collaborate to enhance our efforts and leverage one another’s strengths toward the achievement of common goals.

RESPECT: We genuinely consider others and embrace diverse perspectives in working toward a shared vision.

RESULTS: We are committed to examining our performance and learning from our mistakes and successes on a journey of continuous improvement.

TRANSPARENCY: We communicate openly and honestly to build trust, develop relationships and foster dialogue.


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Saint Luke’s Foundation’s
core values:


A “learning foundation” defined:

“Grantmaking is structured in a way to create community change through strategically granting out money based on foundational priorities, funding learning efforts and general support instead of just programs, and involving grantees in the strategy creation and refinement process. The end result is a foundation that creates,
sustains, and learns from learning for all of its stakeholders.”
– TCC Group


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