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  • Extended Deadline for Superstar nominations (10/27/17)

    Know a Superstar? Good news! Deadline for nominations have been extended until Friday, October 27. Click here to be directed to nomination form. The Superstar Award is a $5,000 cash prize awarded to a deserving nominee in Cuyahoga County. The local winner will automatically be included as a finalist for the national Veronica Award.   […]

  • 20th Anniversary Reflection: Commitment to Evaluation & Learning

    (10.12.17) Saint Luke’s Foundation has an historic commitment to evaluation and learning. In 2002, a Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Committee of the board was established, and Leah Gary became Vice President for Programs and Evaluation. In 2006, the Foundation focused on measuring outcomes through the use of logic models in the grantmaking process, and in 2008, […]

  • Blog from Senior Program Officer of Resilient Families: Behind our Family Strengthening Community of Practice

    (10.4.17) In good times and bad, people are, at their very core, interdependent and social creatures. News coverage of recent natural disasters has pointed out just how important we are to one another. In much subtler ways, I’m often reminded in my work and day-to-day life of the multitude of ways in which social connections […]

  • 20th Anniversary Reflection: Vision of Opportunity Award

    (10.3.17) In 2001, the founding Board of Saint Luke’s Foundation was presented with the Visions of Opportunity award for its “vision of preserving the charitable assets of the Saint Luke’s Medical Center so that its historical mission of health could be preserved for the benefit of those they traditionally served; for their contemporary vision of […]

  • Grantee News: Policy Matters of Ohio

      Policy Matters of Ohio is a grantee that we support because so much of what they do drives towards budget policy that will be good for families and all Ohioans. Today, a press release was issued that acknowledged, “After a long delay, Ohio’s legislative leaders finally appointed members of the state’s new Tax Expenditure […]

  • Know a Superstar?

    The Superstar Award is a $5,000 cash prize awarded to a deserving nominee in Cuyahoga County. The local winner will automatically be included as a finalist for the national Veronica Award. Nominations now being accepted until October 20. To nominate a Superstar, use this URL to access an online application:      

  • 20th Anniversary Reflection: First set of grants

    (9.19.17) 20th Anniversary Reflection: In 1998, Saint Luke’s Foundation made its first grants to support six organizations: First United Methodist Church, Grantmakers In Health, United Way of Greater Cleveland, Western Reserve Historical Society, The Center for Community Solutions, and the Saint Luke’s Medical Center Department of Orthopedics.

  • Blog from Senior Director of Evaluation, Outcomes and Learning: Collecting Data is the Easy Part

    (9.19.17) When we think about data and learning, collecting the data is the easy part. It’s also easy to ignore – or become overwhelmed by – what to do next, especially with everything else on your to-do list. But learning is the best use for data, and its purpose is not to prove, but rather to […]

  • 20th Anniversary Reflection: As the Foundation has evolved, so has its logo

    (9.15.17) The first logo included an image of the tower that still sits atop the building at Saint Luke’s Pointe. The second long was more script base with an emphasis on the name of the hospital. The most current logo – in use since 2003 – is symbolic of the Foundation’s work and philosophy. The […]

  • Marian Wright Edelman receives Inamori Ethics Prize

    (9.15.17) We were delighted to be a Community Partner for this week’s event honoring Marian Wright Edelman. Case Western Reserve University presented the 2017 Inamori Ethics Prize to Edelman who has been a tireless advocate for children’s rights and the nation’s poor for more than 50 years.

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