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  • CYCLE 3 (2017)

    Proposal Deadline | Oct. 2

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    Board Meeting | Dec. 14

Healthy People grantee MHAC shares video as part of HO2 series

(5.2.14) Healthy People grantee in the news: Joan Englund, executive director, Mental Health and Addiction Advocacy Coalition (a grantee organization) chats about misconceptions and concerns regarding mental health as part of the High on Ohio (HO2) series. HO2 aims to inform and inspire through the words of people who make Ohio home – by sharing good news and ideas, and identifying and acknowledging excellence that is all around us.

Watch the highlight video here.


“Two-thirds of Ohio’s population have some how been impacted by a mental illness or an addiction disorder.”

“We need to adequately support behavioral health services in the state, mental health, and addiction services. We need to do it fiscally, through financial support for those services; we need to support them through policy perspectives too. There are a number of policies we need to be implementing, things we need to be doing in this state that don’t cost us a lot of money.”

— Joan Englund, Mental Health and Adiction Advocacy Coalition