Saint Luke's Foundation

Resilient Families

We catalyze and sustain opportunities to ensure that
community resources meet families’ needs and empower
parents to implement their vision for the health and well-being
of their families.

Parents want their families to succeed. Yet often, they face stresses and challenges that put family success at risk. It is critical, therefore, to assist families in need with resources, information and networks that can expand their opportunities to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

At Saint Luke’s Foundation, we invest in building the capacity of organizations to support families. Our Resilient Families program strategy seeks partners that value the intrinsic assets within families and empower families to support themselves and one another. We are also equally committed to ensuring that families build strong networks and ties to grassroots and community-based resources as we recognize that sustainable solutions exist in neighborhoods and between individual families.

As our community provides families with concrete, dependable services that meet their needs and encourages them to take charge of their health and well-being, families grow more resilient—ready to overcome any obstacles in their path.

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Download our Resilient Families
Program Strategy Information Sheet

We considered how Saint Luke’s Foundation could best use its resources, networks and position to have measurable impact in this community. Our refined approach for our Resilient Families program strategy sets a clear, mission-aligned direction for short-term and long-term outcomes to improve and transform the heath and well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Download it here!

For our Resilient Families program strategy, we seek to partner with grantee organizations that offer:

  • Integrated services to address the needs of the whole family and increase access and coordination of support for families
  • Deeper parent engagement and advocacy on issues impacting families
  • Support to parents in building networks with other parents and community-based resources
  • Information on parenting, healthy child development and building financial security

Blog from President and CEO Anne Goodman: “What About Failure?”

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