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Healthy People

We catalyze and sustain opportunities to improve
community health by promoting the health home
model of care and reducing obesity.

At Saint Luke’s Foundation, good health is an important pillar of our mission.

Our Healthy People program strategy catalyzes and sustains opportunities to improve community health through improving and enhancing health care delivery and the reduction of obesity.  We want to improve the health of our community by investing in efforts upstream – before problems arise.

Through this strategy we invest in efforts to build the capacity of organizations to improve the integration of health services with engaged and connected community members at the core.  We also seek to influence policies that increase healthy eating and active living and the reduction of obesity.

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Download our Healthy People
Program Strategy Information Sheet

We considered how Saint Luke’s Foundation could best use its resources, networks and position to have measurable impact in this community. Our refined approach for our Healthy People program strategy sets a clear, mission-aligned direction for short-term and long-term outcomes to improve and transform the heath and well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Download it here!

For our Healthy People program strategy, we seek to partner with grantee organizations that offer:

  • Models for providing residents with holistic access to, and support from, the healthcare sector
  • Programs and initiatives to fully engage residents in a health-home, patient-centered model of care
    • Programs and initiatives that enhance the quality, care coordination and comprehensiveness of health care delivery
  • Programs and initiatives that promote physical activity for residents
  • Integrated services for residents to access healthier food choices
  • Resources and information to help residents leverage social support toward healthier living

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