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  • Guest Blogger Angelique Farmer on Internship Experience

    (6.21.17) These three weeks at the Saint Luke’s Foundation have been very engaging. In week one I have learned how to operate in an office environment and made new connections with the most wonderful people you can meet – from residents, a landscape architect, former and current councilmen, a horticulturist and a police captain. I […]

  • Latest blog post co-authored by Nelson Beckford

    (1.12.17) Check out the latest co-authored blog, “Immerse Yourself,” from Senior Program Officer Nelson Beckford. This blog ties nicely to the program area A Strong Neighborhood as it exemplifies the strategies of improving social conditions and making places safe AND equitable for all, regardless of orientation. Click here to read the blog now.

  • Do you love where you live? Take this survey and find out!

    (12.20.16) Please take a moment to complete this short survey to assess your attachment to place. Think about and reference YOUR experience in YOUR neighborhood. Put ‘T’ if true, put “F” if false I feel like I belong in this community. I’ve lived here a long time (6+ years). I know a lot of people here. […]

  • Highlights from Session on Place Attachment

    (11.30.16) When Melody Warnick relocated to Blacksburg, Virginia, she knew that something in her life was missing – specifically, place attachment, that emotional bond between people and place. Melody set about fixing this problem, and through academic research, and more importantly, through personal experiments, a keen interest in place attachment developed – one that ultimately […]

  • Scofield Mansion in the news

    (11.8.16) High school intern Chris Gideon was a featured Saint Luke’s Foundation blogger a few months ago. Chris wrote “Seeing the Underlying Potential” and discussed Scofield Mansion. In Chris’ words, “It brings hope because I was able to look beyond the imperfections and recognize the significance of the existing pieces; the walls were still made of stone, the house was still […]

  • More than Rooftop Yoga and Food Trucks

    (10.28.16) Project for Public Spaces defines placemaking as the active process of planning, designing, managing and programming the public realm. In essence, the goal of placemaking is to improve the functionality, aesthetics, social ability and comfort of our public realm. Two years ago, we hosted a convening with Fred Kent, the founder and president of the […]

  • Thank you, Jane Jacobs for knowing your “PLACE”!

    (8.18.16) If you care about neighborhoods and how they function, you probably already know much about journalist, author and activist Jane Jacobs and her understanding of place. But if you aren’t familiar with Jane Jacobs, here are a few essential facts about her remarkable life and legacy: She believed that places work best when they […]

  • A Strong Neighborhood Guest Blog Feature: Seeing the Underlying Potential

        As I stood at the top of the hill, my view of the city was broken up by the naked trees running down the hillside, at the bottom of which lay a stern brick structure surrounded by crumbling pavement. Behind me stood an enormous and imposing sandstone building that had obviously been beautiful […]

  • A Strong Neighborhood Blog: What is your favorite public space?

    (3.15.16) What is your favorite public space? “What is your favorite public space?” is one of my favorite “check-in” questions when I host meetings. I ask it for two reasons: It forces people (professionals and civilians alike) to think about and articulate why they like a particular park, library, neighborhood, street or plaza. As a […]

  • Out of the Mouths of Babes

    (6.17.15) Over the last month, I had three encounters with neighborhood youngsters that was equal parts eye opening and reaffirming, and raw… The setting of the first exchange was at a career day with our partner school, Harvey Rice Elementary School. I was one of several two-person teams of professionals who spoke to students about […]

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