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We’ve Moved!

Saint Luke’s Foundation is now located in the east wing of the old Saint Luke’s Hospital building, which is now known as Saint Luke’s Pointe.

  1. Our mailing address is: 11327 Shaker Blvd, Suite 600W (near intersection of 116th and Shaker)
  2. For driving directions (using GPS) plug in this address to put you in the correct parking lot: 2721 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Cleveland, OH, 44104 (this is off of MLK)
  3. When parking: Please park in the areas marked in yellow on this map and then walk towards the Easternmost wing of the large red-brick building (the former St. Lukes Hospital).
  4. Locating the entrance: As you approach the building on foot, make sure you are on MLK (not Shaker). Walk directly towards the Boys & Girls Club entrance off of MLK and look for the concrete stairs going down towards the building. Follow the curving pathway to its ending point and go inside the building.
  5. How to reach the 6th floor: Once inside the building, approach the glass doors and use the intercom to call us so that we can buzz you in. Once through the glass doors, go down the hall to your right and use the elevator to go up to the 6th floor. The elevator will open directly into our office.

Click here to download a printable map with directions


Staff Contact List

To speak with a member of the Foundation staff, please call
(216) 431-8010. You may also email staff members directly by clicking on the mail icons below.


Anne C. Goodman EmailIcon

President and CEO


EmailIconNelson Beckford 

Senior Program Officer for A Strong Neighborhood



Kathleen Dean

Senior Director of Evaluation, Outcomes and Learning



Kim Fields

Office Manager


EmailIconElizabeth Honold 

Finance Director


EmailIconMelanie Gavin


EmailIconAngel Johnson

Program Assistant


Christie Manning 

Senior Program Officer for Resilient Families


Kristen Summers

Grants Manager

HEmailIconeather Torok

Senior Program Officer for Healthy PeopleHorizontalRule

Anna WilliamsEmailIcon




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Saint Luke’s Foundation
is located at:

11327 Shaker Blvd.
Suite 600W
Cleveland, Ohio 44104

(Offices accessed from
MLK Jr. Dr.)

Grantees and prospective grantees are welcome to schedule an appointment to visit us at our offices by calling Angel Johnson, Program Assistant, at
(216) 431-8010.


Getting Here

Driving Directions:

Click here to get directions from a specific address.

  • These directions will take you to the parking lot (accessed from MLK Jr. Drive) where you need to park at Saint Luke’s Pointe.
  • The clock tower should be visible from the parking lot.
  • As you face the building and see the clock tower, the door you are looking for will be at your left (walk up a short flight of concrete stairs).
  • Upon entering the first set of doors, there is a call panel that you will need to access to come up to the 6th floor.


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